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To increase my understanding of how Big Data works, I watched an extremely interesting TedTalks by Jennifer Golbeck. It’s called “The curly fry conundrum: why social media “likes” say more than you might think.” It’s less than 10 minutes, but they are ten, eye-opening minutes. Read the rest of this entry »


I became familiar with the concept of Big Data this year when I met a particular gentleman who works at IBM. His role at IBM is to promote the need of data scientists at universities because there is more digital data to deal with than there are trained professionals to deal with it. 4.4 million data scientists are needed by 2015 (link). The year 2015 is only a couple of months away!

So what is Big Data? It is the terminology used to reference all the data being generated through a number of digital processes. It is data we generate in our digital world while we:

  • surf the web,
  • post on social media sites (tweets, pics, posts… all of it and any of it),
  • text,
  • buy online or just browse, or
  • read a blog.

It is ENDLESS. Read the rest of this entry »