The Daily Prompt (for Oct. 4, 2014) asks: It’s the night before an important event: a big exam, a major presentation, your wedding. How do you calm your nerves in preparation for the big day?

Quite simply… I work hard to be ready ahead of time. When I know I’ve done my best to prepare, then that is all I need to calm my nerves.

It’s always been like this for me. Even when I was in college, I stayed on top of my school work throughout the semester. I turned in all of my homework on time. If I needed, I worked extra problems even after the homework was turned in. And if a test was upcoming, then I’d review problems in a timely manner, so that I had worked through all the content prior to the night before the exam. Instead, I’d take that night off. Watch TV. Do some exercise. Or maybe I’d go out to dinner with a friend. Ah, good memories… There was an Italian place on 29th and Guadalupe that saw me a many times the night before my exams.

In my career, I try to maintain the same behavior in terms of being ready ahead of time. Schedules aren’t as reliable; sometimes a last-minute presentation requirement just happens. But as much as possible, if I know a big presentation is coming up, I’m pulling things together beforehand. Even better, if I’ve documented my work correctly along the way, I should have materials to pull from and tweak to generate a final presentation.

Fundamentally, my behavior is governed by my belief that as long as I have done everything that I can do to the best that I can do it to meet the end objective, then that is all that I can do. So, I rest in that.